These are a few of my favorite things... 

FYI: If you click through and/or make a purchase, I might get a couple bucks. Thanks for helping put my kids through college! Just kidding, I use that money to buy coffee and bagels (and occasionally a new shade of lipstick).



I hopped on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon in 2015 and at the risk of sounding dramatic, it kind of changed my life. I don't have strict rules or a magical number to follow, but I do keep a tightly curated collection of seasonal clothing in my closet that gets rotated four times a year. 

Some of my favorite go-to stores/brands: Everlane, Nisolo, Madewell, Free People, (which I find on ThredUP all the time!), Zara, Nordstrom T.B.D., and ThirdLove. When I'm pregnant, I live for the H&M mama line and ASOS. If you're local to Sacramento, my favorite boutique is Damas in Oak Park. 


I used to read for pleasure a lot more BK (before kids). Now, between adulting and taking care of three kids and running my own business and fighting the constant urge to binge everything Netflix has to offer, I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I actually finish a book that I've started. I tend to shop from the same shelves: Christian nonfiction, books on writing/creativity, and celebrity memoirs. I typically only read fiction on vacation. I'll never turn down a good polygamist escape story. Slowly adding all my favorite reads in my Amazon shop

These are the last three great books I read:


I know never say never and all that jazz, but really truly deeply ... you'll NEVER see a makeup tutorial on this blog. Having said that, I get 50% of my hair and makeup recommendations from strangers on Instagram and they haven't failed me yet. Passing all my knowledge to you here. You're welcome. The other 50% come from experts at Sephora, my dermatologist, and trial and error. For the record, I color my hair and have pretty normal/average skin (after a short stint with severe adult acne last year, good times!). All of these products I love and use regularly, if not daily.


Three kids later, I know that babies don't need much. I also know that some products make life easier, and that first-time moms spend approximately 83 hours crafting their first baby registry. These are some of my tried-and-true, would-definitely-buy-them-for-a-friend favorites. 


I am a bit of a psycho when it comes to toys, and have been known to dump entire bins full of hot wheels into the donate pile when my children are not home. While I would never claim to be a true toy minimalist (only in my dreams!), I do keep a watchful eye on the number of toys that come into this house. Over the years, I've learned which toys are worth their weight in gold and which toys are worth their weight in I'm-going-to-punch-something-if-I-hear-that-damn-thing-one-more-time. If we were stranded on a desert island (or an airport, if that's more believable?), we could easily get by with Magna Tiles and nothing else. They're stupid expensive, but I kid you not -- my kids play with them every single day, for hours. That is not an exaggeration. You can check out the rest of our favorite toys here