happy birthday, everett!

01-Northwest-6 02-Northwest-40 03-Everett-38 04-Hiking-14 05-Everett-21 06-Everett-33 07-Apple Hill-12 08-Apple Hill-21 09-Seaside-14 10-Seaside-29 11-Seaside-48 12-Seaside-62 13-Seaside-72 14-Everett-47 15-Everett-50 16-Christmas-40 17-Christmas-70 18-Everett-3 19-Everett-1 20-52 Project-6 21-52 Project-7 22-Everett-4 Where My Heart Resides-9 Everett-1Today, my sweet baby boy turns two. It's an odd and magical thing to watch your child grow up before your very eyes. You find yourself in the middle of a routine that feels so incredibly normal that you can hardly remember what life was like before that routine. Last year at this time, Everett wasn't even walking yet. He was still napping twice a day. He didn't talk. He only had a few teeth.

And now.....just look at him. Look at my boy. He runs everywhere, chats all day long, and greets every stranger with a drawn out "hiiiiiiii" accompanied by his signature smile.

This is us. This is our normal. Cheerios and Curious George and bubbles in the backyard and grilled cheese for dinner. And it was only two years ago that he entered the world, fresh and bright-eyed, his entire seven pound body fitting on my chest in a perfectly curled up heap of baby scent.

It's hard to remember that baby, that time. Everett today feels like the Everett that has always been: curious, sweet, silly, cautious, and full of undeniable joy.

Happy birthday, my dear Everett. You are truly one of the greatest blessings I have ever known, and I love love love being your mom.