a moment in time.

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Our family will never look exactly like this ever again. The boys are already taller, their limbs already longer. Everett is probably going to lose his first tooth soon (I keep forgetting that's a thing), and even though Carson is still <1% on the growth chart, he's looking less and less like my "baby" and more and more like a big (albeit tiny) kid every day. I want to remember this phase, this moment in time when it was just us four and these boys ran circles around us. I want to remember the way Carson still fits perfectly on my hip like a puzzle piece and the way Everett smiles with his whole face. I want to remember the way they turn every stick into a sword and how they always stop to pluck tiny yellow flowers for me. 

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We recorded a podcast a few months ago about preserving memories, and I'll never forget something April said during that conversation. She said something to the effect of, "I don't know anyone who has ever regretted taking family photos. I don't know anyone who looks back on pictures of their family and thinks: gee, I wish we had never taken those."

I don't, either. 

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I know I’m biased—as an occasional photographer myself—but I really do believe that family photos are worth the planning, the effort, the candy bribes, the chaos (and yes, even the money).

How else can you freeze a moment in time?

My favorite part is when the prints arrive on our porch. I stick a few in frames, tape a couple above my desk, tuck one in my bible, and put the rest in Everett and Carson's memory boxes. 

Artifact Uprising is one of my favorite one-stop shops for photo prints and gifts. Their quality is unmatched, and I love how many unique options they offer (prints! frames! wood blocks! books! easels!). Anytime I need a gift for anyone—parents, grandparents, even Brett—I can always find something special on their site. 

If you want to celebrate someone you love this Valentine's Day with a photo gift, you can use promo code AG10 for 10% off anything at Artifact Uprising now-February 4th. 

Happy shopping! 

p.s. 2017 family photos are by the talented Jillian Goulding

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everett's baby book.

baby book | where my heart resides-3 baby book | where my heart resides-4 baby book | where my heart resides-5 baby book | where my heart resides-15-2 baby book | where my heart resides-8 baby book | where my heart resides-9 baby book | where my heart resides-10 baby book | where my heart resides-11 baby book | where my heart resides-14 In less than two weeks, my baby will be one.


I'm putting some finishing touches on his baby book this week. I knew if I didn't finish it by his first birthday, I would never get around to doing it at all. My mom bought this book from the Hallmark store, and it's been perfect for recording Everett's milestones. I love that it's a binder because I can add pages to it (like Everett's birth story). I also ordered a Blurb book filled with some of my favorite pictures from this year. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Mommas, did you make a baby book for your little one(s)? Any advice or tips?

(p.s. baby book photos were printed in matte finish from Snapfish; Instagram mini prints were ordered from Printstagram.)