first trimester faves.


I'm well into my second trimester now (!!!), but wanted to share a few first trimester favorites while they were still on my mind. Not pictured but also definitely considered favorites: cheeseburgers, binge watching TV shows on Netflix (aka resting), my trusty heating pad for when I have a sore back, and every kind of chewing gum on the planet to help when I'm feeling barfy.

1. Fitbit - You guys. I just got this, and I am super into it. In a perfect world, I'd take Everett for a walk every single day, but truth be told, it's really easy for me to come up with excuses not to (I'm tired! Allergies! It's hot! It's cold! Whine whine whine!). There is something to be said for the power of accountability that exists in this little bracelet because every time I check my stats for the day, I can't help but feel motivated to take more steps. I've also been tracking my sleep and water intake which is fun in a weird and OCD kind of way.

2. Organic rosehip seed oil - After reading Lauren's rave review, I ordered this out of sheer curiosity. Also, my skin gets really oily when I'm pregnant (glowing? not so much). This stuff is magic. I swapped out my usual moisturizer and now use this instead: five drops in the morning and five drops at night. My skin absorbs it quickly, but still feels super hydrated. It's light and natural and organic and I don't know what else to say about it other than I LOVE IT. During the day I wear it under makeup, and at night it's the only thing I put on my face after washing it. Highly recommend.

3. Barre class. I was going to barre 2-3 times a week before I got pregnant, and basically haven't stopped. I made a few minor adjustments, but I can still do 95% of the class at this point, and plan to continue going for the rest of my pregnancy. If you're in Sacramento, you can join me at U Barre, and if you're looking for a DVD to do at home, this one has good reviews. Also check out my friend Robin's prenatal pilates program. (Speaking of which, would anyone be interested in a 5-7 minute prenatal barre video series on this blog? Contemplating it.)

4. Long tanks - Gap had a sale on their essential rib tanks a few months ago and I stocked up. They're super comfy, slimming, come in tons of colors, and look fabulous tucked into a maxi skirt. I also have a few of these from Target, but I like the Gap ones better.

5. Belly band - Seriously, what would I even do without this? I didn't start showing with Everett until I was about 4-5 months pregnant. This time around, I started showing two days after I peed on the stick. Apparently your uterus is like a memory foam mattress and after you've been pregnant once, everything shifts into place much quicker the second time around. That being said, there was no way I was going to keep squeezing into my skinny jeans without the help of the belly band. I have it in black and nude and literally wear it every single time I wear anything that buttons. Must-have.

6. Fruit infuser water bottle - I went through a 3-4 week phase where I was craving lemon water like a crazy person. I don't drink nearly as much water as I should, so I treated myself to a fancy water bottle to a) keep me motivated to drink more water, and b) infuse fruit flavors into my water (meyer lemon is my fave). Win-win.

7. Maxi skirts. I have basically lived in maxi skirts for the past two months. Long tank + a high-waisted skirt make for a cute, comfortable look when you're in the awkward "is she pregnant or addicted to donuts?" phase. You can easily hide your bump or show it off, depending on how tight your skirt is. I have this skirt (wearing it here) and this skirt and love both of them. You can find the skirt pictured above here.

8. Cocoa butter - I go through one bottle of this a month. Let's talk about stretch marks, shall we? The day I went in for my c-section with Everett, I did not have a single one. Nada. Three weeks later, post-partum? I had stretch marks all over my chest, and a few on my stomach. I panicked. Somehow I had gotten stretch marks after delivery, which I did not even know was possible. And then! Magically.....they disappeared. I can't remember when exactly (it took a couple of months), but I never stopped using the cocoa butter, even after Everett was born. I used it every single day on my entire body, during and after pregnancy. So maybe it was the cocoa butter, maybe it was good genes, maybe it was a fluke, or maybe it was a combination. Regardless, I am a huge believer in this stuff. Plus, it's paraben free and smells like chocolate. (p.s. once I get into the third trimester, I also add a layer of Burt's Bees Mama Bee Body Oil)

9. Black scalloped maternity shorts - I was pregnant with Everett from September-May so I do not have any summer maternity clothes. While most of my summer tops are loose and will fit for a while, shorts are a whole different story. These black shorts are super cute and can be dressed up or dressed down. Love!

Mommas, what were some your first trimester favorites?