a new project!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.38.27 AMFriends! Remember that top-secret project I kept mentioning in weird and mysterious ways? THIS WAS IT. And it only took me eight months to finish it after coming up with the idea (I rock at productivity these days).

The backstory:

Last November, I was feeling a bit.....bombarded. Bombarded with blogs and online magazines and Pinterest and a hundred other online resources that creeped into my daily routine, and thus, my idea of what life should look like, be like, feel like, etc. It seemed as though every time I turned on my computer, a shiny new website appeared, targeting itself to women---and specifically, women my age.

And as much as I admired and loved those websites, I started to feel like something was missing.


Real motherhood was missing.

It suddenly felt like a void in the Internet. Where could moms go to read about motherhood in all of its difficult and wonderful glory? Where could moms go to read about topics deeper than nursery decor and postpartum hair loss? Where could--with the exception of personal blogs--moms find real life stories about motherhood?

The more I looked, the more I came up short. And the more I came up short, the more I felt called to do something about it.

I started feeling a desire to create an online place to talk about motherhood in a collaborative, community-oriented way: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

Alas, Coffee + Crumbs was born.

Read the rest of the welcome letter here, and feel free to poke around our about page and manifesto to get a feel for what we're all about.

I hope you love the idea behind this new space as much as I do. I really believe there is something beautiful and powerful about collecting our warrior stories in one collaborative place. After all, we're in this motherhood thing together---in beauty and messes, in good times and bad, in peace and chaos, in coffee and crumbs.

Meet you at the table?

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