everett's birthday party.

Everett's Birthday-3Everett's Birthday-1Everett's Birthday-9Everett's Birthday-5Everett's Birthday-7Everett's Birthday-12Everett's Birthday-8Everett's Birthday-151-e's birthdayEverett's Birthday-17Everett's Birthday-18Everett's Birthday-19Everett's Birthday-20Everett's Birthday-21On Saturday we threw a birthday bash for Ev in my parent's backyard. It wasn't overly simple or overly complicated, but just right for a first birthday, I think. We threw decorations together at the last minute, mostly relying on cute pictures of Ev to make everything a little more festive. We served Chipotle and margaritas and lemonade and cake. 50 people showed up, including nine of Everett's friends under the age of 3. We put out bubbles and chalk and paper airplanes and basketball, and all the kiddos took a turn on Everett's new Batmobile. My dearest friend Lauren happened to be in town from LA and was able to come, which made the day extra special since we don't get to see each other that often. The birthday boy had a blast, and spent almost 30 whole minutes eating his cake. He was so tired by the end of the party and just sat there in a total daze shoving handfuls of frosting into his mouth while I took a dozen pictures. I'm pretty sure there's still a few sprinkles up his nose, but they'll come out eventually, right? ;)

That Everett is one loved kid. And really, how could you not love that sweet cake-covered face?

p.s. Everett's first year, in video / Ev's one year photo book
p.s.s. This post concludes the celebration of Ev's birthday. You won't have to hear me talk about it until next year, I promise.