girl crush.

(I am completely aware that this post is going to make me sound like a total loser. But this really happened, so...whatever.) I was standing at the counter waiting for my nonfat extra hot tuxedo mocha to appear when I saw her walk through the door. She had killer bangs, a huge smile, and the second cutest baby boy I've ever seen holding on tightly to her hand.

She seemed to know everyone there, probably a former barista in her pre-baby days, although I had never seen her at my Starbucks before. Her little boy flashed me a smile and I couldn't help but mention that I had a baby of my own at home. We exchanged polite mommy chit-chat, the good kind with familiar nods and no judgments. She was cool. Cooler than cool. And she looked exactly like Rachel McAdams, which made her even cooler. I freaking love Rachel McAdams.

"Tuxedo mocha for Ashlee!"

I grabbed my drink, said bye, and left to run as many errands as I could possibly fit in to the two-hour babysitting window I had that day. It was one of the first times I had left Everett at home, and was still getting used to being out and about without him.

I later mentioned the Rachel McAdams lookalike to Brett, who joked that I should have asked her out on a play date.

"Am I really that desperate?" I joked back.

Well, apparently I am, because I have run into the Rachel McAdams lookalike four times since then and every single time I contemplate inviting her and Rory to hang out with me and Ev. Is that weird? Is that desperate? I know we live in the same city and share a mutual love for baby boys and caffeine, but is that enough to form a friendship? Is this what stay-at-home-mommyhood has done to me? Made me so desperate for new friends I am willing to hit on complete strangers at Starbucks?

It's possible. At least I'm willing to admit it, right?

Question of the day: how do you ask out a new friend? Would you be creeped out if a person like me asked you out on play date at Starbucks? I'm trying to be as non-creepy as possible, but I feel like the fact that I just blogged about this encounter is the ultimate creep factor.

(BTW, if me and Rachel McAdams lookalike actually do become friends in real life, I will have to delete this blog post immediately. Thanks for understanding.)