Six-month-old Faves.


Presley is six months old today.

Pardon the cliche, but how? It’s true what they say: the last baby goes too fast. All of it, all of her. We’re still forcing her in a swaddle at night and cramming her body into a bassinet where I am 99% certain her toes and head would touch each side if she wasn’t crammed in a swaddle. Every night Brett asks, “How much longer are we going to do this?” and I say, “One more night.”

He talks of buying a baby monitor and moving her into her own room. I pretend not to hear him. Is this really the last time a baby will sleep at the foot of my bed? The mere thought makes me want to cry. Maybe we should buy a bigger bassinet instead?



Here are a few things we’re currently loving at the 6-month mark:

Babiators - I cannot even handle the cuteness of these sunglasses. They are everything I never knew I needed for an infant. Five stars.

Bibs Pacifiers - Look. This is what you need to know about BIBS pacis: none of my kids took a pacifier, until Presley, until THIS PACIFIER. It. Is. A. Game. Changer. What braces?! Who cares!! Did you know I can put this thing in her mouth and she stops crying?! These aren’t the cheapest pacis on the planet, but I would pay double, triple (can you really put a price tag on silence?) for these bad boys. Shoutout to Joanna—a stranger from Instagram—who sent these to me. I think of you often. I am indebted to you forever. Thank you.


Chewable Charm paci clip - Speaking of pacis, now that we are a family who uses pacis, we clearly need a paci clip (or a pacifier leash, as I formerly called it before I realized it had a different name). Fun fact: Rachel (who owns Chewable Charm) and I have known each other since elementary school. We go waaaaaaay back to the days of yore, or, more accurately, the days of Spice Girls. She makes super cute teething jewelry and teething toys. Presley is obsessed with this one.

Aden + Anais Snap Bibs - We are very much still in the spit-up phase, and while it’s super fun to simply hold a towel under your baby for 20 minutes after eating, I am learning that bibs are more efficient. And not just any bibs, these particular bibs. They are crazy absorbent, and a really good size! A lot of the cute stylish bibs for babies barely cover half their shirts but I am looking for something slightly smaller than a poncho to catch this spit-up / drool situation. These get the job done.

Zoli gum massagers - I can’t remember if we had these dating all the way back to Everett but we definitely had them with Carson and anything that has been tried and tested and loved by more than one of my kids is a winner in my book. This was one of the first teething toys Presley could hold on her own and it continues to be a favorite around here. P.s. another teething favorite: Sophie La Girafe - So Pure Teether (not to be confused with the regular Sophie, which for some reason we don’t like as much).

All the headbands - If you thought I’d be sick of headbands showing up on my doorstep, well, you’d be wrong. Currently loving Elyse & Dana (tiny bows! velvet bows! use Ashlee20 for 20% off!), and Cotton Grace Co. (currently on break). Sidenote: I think Pres might be ready for barrettes soon. What is happening. (Really. She gets a pretty bad combover on windy days. Where do you buy those for babies?!)

Gathr Changing Mat - I decided to forego the diaper bag this time around and bought a cute backpack from Nordstrom instead. The Gathr changing mat is the perfect addition and I have used it SO many times in the past six months (including yesterday—tending to a massive diaper blowout in the trunk of my car). Folds up super compact, easy to clean, pretty to look at. Five stars. I also registered for the midi mat and received that as a baby gift and am looking forward to using it this summer for play dates at the park, concerts in the park, movies in the park, basically anything taking place at or near a park.

Moms of babies: what are you loving these days? We are just entering solid food land, so I’m all ears for your recommendations. Teething stuff, too!


Ashlee Gadd

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