that christmas spirit.

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WMHR Christmas-9 WMHR Christmas-14 WMHR Christmas-19 WMHR Christmas-20 WMHR Christmas-21 WMHR Christmas-23 WMHR Christmas-24Oh hiiiiiiiii there.

I accidentally took a break from blogging because POTTY TRAINING.

Our Christmas was lovely. It was busy and crazy and messy and involved a 4.5 hour drive that required fourteen stops for Everett to not pee, but other than that, there were pockets of peace in between it all. There was an adorably botched gingerbread house and a sleeping Santa baby and a beautifully set table and a quiet movie night.

Christmas with two kids this year was not as.....intentional as I would have liked it to be. We missed a quarter of our advent activities due to rain and potty training. We missed our Christmas Eve church service due to rain and traffic and a poorly planned afternoon. Our Christmas morning was a little rushed because it takes us two hours to leave the house and we needed to be somewhere at 2pm (we got there at 4:30, don't even get me started).

But hey. We have a toddler and a newborn and we did the best we could under sleep deprived circumstances. Everett was mesmerized by our Christmas tree and loved his gift this year (a super cool ramp for his toy cars). Carson was subject to a lot of hat-wearing and enjoyed his two favorite things on Christmas day: naps and nursing.

All in all, a good Christmas for everyone.

How was your Christmas?

p.s. where to get those chalkboard printables + how to make that DIY advent calendar